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Lepide Active Directory Manager is a one-stop solution when it comes to managing the Windows Active Directory and its numerous objects with precise. Administrators can easily manage the local computers, networked computers in workgroup, current domain, or remote domain. In Organizational Unit, it allows administrators to view directory attributes, network specifications, group membership, and installed software. Administrators can move, enable, disable, or delete the computers in bulk inside a domain. Query Manager allows you to run the predefined and customized Active Directory queries for the users, groups, computers, and containers. In addition to the performance queries, you can also run WMI Queries for system processes, software features, disk quota, installed software, system devices, and services. The software also allows changing the group and other attributes of the computers in bulk. LADM generates 75+ reports related to the user, group, computer, OU, password, logon, user account, GPO, Printer, WMI, and AD Queries. You can customize these reports with search, filters and views. These reports can be saved on the disk in PDF, HTML, RTF, CSV, and TXT formats. In addition, you can schedule the automated delivery of these reports in any format to the desired recipients via email. Lepide Active Directory Manager allows the automatic functioning of the user, computer, and group tasks on scheduled intervals. This automation comes handy when you want to perform any specific task with these objects periodically. Both the scheduled tasks and scheduled reports can be managed easily. Free trial version is valid for 30 days that lets you evaluate the complete functionality of this software. You can also purchase the full version of the software. For more details, please visit www.lepide.com/active-directory-manager

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